Stretch Wrappers

For fast, secure and economical pallet wrapping, our SIAT automatic, semi-automatic and robotic stretch wrappers are the perfect solution.

Our quality stretch wrappers will:

  • improve pallet stability
  • help ensure that your palletised loads arrive in perfect condition
  • increase your productivity
  • reduce manual wrapping injuries
  • cut your film supply and landfill costs.

Stretch wrappers (also known as pallet wrappers or pallet stretch wrappers) offer a much faster and more cost-efficient option than the manual option. What’s more, because the machines apply exactly the right stretch to the film and apply it correctly and consistently to the load, the wrapped pallets are also safer, more secure and significantly more stable.

Did you know?
Our power pre-stretch wrappers will stretch 1m of film from the reel into 3-4m wrapping on a pallet, meaning safer loads and lower film costs.

SIAT Stretch Wrappers