Strapping Tools

Our SIAT strapping tools make light work of strapping products and loads for secure storage or transit.

Superbly cost-effective across diverse industries such as printing, glass, corrugated and paper, warehousing, logistics, light metal, machine manufacture, timber and furniture, our SIAT strapping tools will give you:

  • strong, welded seals
  • comfortable, ergonomic one-handed operation
  • faster, electronically-controlled production
  • low-energy and long lifetime.

Achieving the correct plastic strap tension (usually 45-55% of the strap’s breaking load) greatly improves a cargo’s safety and integrity. Our SIAT battery-powered tools give a simpler, faster and more reliable result every time, with a range that includes tools for light, medium and heavy loads.

Did you know?
SIAT strapping tools mean your operators not only deliver better results – they also avoid the health and safety risks of manual strapping.