Pallet Magazines

Our PALOMAT® pallet magazines make stacking and destacking pallets faster, easier and much, much safer.

Lifting and manipulating pallets is a time-consuming, strenuous and hazardous job, but these innovative and highly efficient devices neatly stack and destack empty pallets with speed, ease and safety. Trusted by major brands such as Arla Foods, Coca-Cola, Carlsberg, Volvo, Nestlé, Pfizer, and many more, PALOMAT® pallet magazines bring a host of health and efficiency benefits that include:

  • tidier workplaces – and extra space!
  • optimised pallet flow
  • no manual pallet handling
  • fewer injuries and illness absence
  • greater time- and cost-efficiency
  • reduced truck driving.

Manual pallet handling is a common cause of significant injuries to backs, hands and feet, and therefore impacts on the health and productivity of the workforce. As passionate supporters of businesses who take good care of their people, the Pakprint team are deeply impressed at the cast-iron benefits that these innovative, automated pallet magazines deliver for employees and businesses alike.

Did you know?
The PALOMAT® pallet magazine concept was inspired when the man who became the company’s founder injured his back while lifting a pallet in 1992. He knew there had to be a safer, easier way to move pallets, and thanks to him – there is!

Palomat Pallet Dispenser