Case Sealers

Available in uniform, random, semi-automatic or fully automatic models, our case sealers save time and money, improve efficiency and give a smart, professional finish every time.

Case sealers (also known as carton sealers, box sealers or box tapers) offer a wealth of benefits, including:

  • greater warehouse efficiency
  • reduced tape usage
  • minimised tape reel wastage
  • neat, consistently finished cases.

Beautifully simple to use, our SIAT and 3M case sealers seal neatly and efficiently first time, every time. Case tops and bottoms are sealed simultaneously, so there’s no longer any need to pre-seal. The pressure-sensitive tape heads apply tape more uniformly and cost-effectively than an operator and because the tape reels are secured inside the machine, the costly problem of packing room reel damage simply doesn’t apply: every bit of the 990m tape on each reel can be used.

Did you know?
Our case sealers give many years of reliable service and our customers come back to us whenever they need new machines: they know that Pakprint is the name to trust.

3M-Matic Case Sealers

SIAT Case Sealers