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How Do You Know Which SIAT Packaging Machine is Right for You?

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How Do You Know Which SIAT Packaging Machine is Right for You?
Date : Mar 19,2018

At Pakprint, we are a family-run business who have been dealing with SIAT packaging machines since 1981. So, as you can probably guess we know a lot about packaging products. However, it has come to our attention recently that not everyone knows as much about packaging machines as we do, and how they can really benefit a business, so we have pulled together this short guide to the types of SIAT packaging machines available, and what they offer to businesses.

There are a lot of processes within the manufacturing business that can be automated in order to make them cheaper, faster and more cost-efficient. SIAT makes machines that can help with tasks such as cushioning products within a box, strapping boxes together and wrapping pallets.  If you are a business that is dealing with having to pack ten packages or more a day, then at least one of the packaging machines available on the market will be ideal for you in order to save you not only time or money.

As we have outlined, there are a large number of packaging tasks that can be performed by machines, and these include box sealer machines which help you to make sure that the goods you are shipping are wrapped and protected, as well as pallet wrapping machines which help to ensure products are securely wrapped for shipping or storage. This guide will give you a brief overview of each type of product so you can decide whether it is suitable for you and your business or not.

There are lots of machines out there that can help you with protecting your products during the shipping process, by enabling you to fill any voids in the box using air or paper. These machines are called void filling machines and tend to be either air fillers or paper void fill machines.  We don’t tend to deal with these machines at Pakprint however, as we are experts on the actual box sealing machines instead.

Once your product has been placed into a box ready for shipping, then the box needs to be secured – whether it is being shipped as it is or it is being loaded onto a pallet. The box sealer machines we have at Pakprint wrap or strap your packages closed so that you can rest assured that they will not split open during delivery. Machines that help with closing parcels tend to be of two types: Strapping Machines which are used for reinforcing large loads and boxes, and Stretch Film Machines which wrap tightly around pallets to secure them.


Strapping Machines

If you are shipping products which need an extra layer of protection to ensure they stay secure during the shipping process, then you probably need to use a strapping machine or a hand strapping tool.

What strapping machines do is to automate the task of strapping the boxes as they can cut, wrap and seal a typical box in under ten seconds – which is a lot faster than doing it by hand. The other benefit of a strapping machine is that it also ensures that every single strap is secured in a consistent manner and so guaranteed to hold up in the shipping process.


Pallet Wrapping Machines

If you want to wrap a whole pallet of goods then our pallet wrapping machines are the thing you need to speed up this whole operation. They are designed in such a way that they can wrap an entire pallet of goods as soon as it is placed on their base. We have a range of pallet wrapping machines available, from simple entry-level machines which are easy to set up and use, to industrial machines which can be individually programmed to match your consignments.

Pallet wrapping machines tend to be used by businesses that are shipping a large number of goods and so tend to be found in large warehouse environments.

Buying a packaging machine, such as one of our SIAT box-taping machines, can be a large investment for a business and something that small or medium-sized businesses think they cannot justify. However, the time and cost savings you can make from investing in one of these machines make them really easy to justify. Another thing that puts people off sometimes is the thought of maintenance and repair.  You don’t need to worry about this either, as Pakprint offer a maintenance and repair service, and we carry many spare parts in stock to help you get back to full capacity as quickly as possible.


To find out more about SIAT box taping machines, or any of the other packaging machines we offer, please get in touch with our expert team on 01924 483000 or through email at enquiries@pakprint.co.uk. We pride ourselves on being friendly and approachable so please get in touch today.

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