SIAT BeeWrap Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine

  • Pallet wrappers eliminate hand wrapping and increase pallet stretch film yields.
  • Increase pallet load holding whilst reducing stretch film usage.
  • Photoeye for pallet height detection & wrap counters.
  • Fully programmable wrapping configuration.
  • Choice of Mechanical brake and power pre-stretch wrapping system.

Weight: 0 KG

Product Specification
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The SIAT BeeWrap is a self propelled pallet stretch wrapping machine. It is very simple to use, with a robust build quality. Highly efficient DC drives, wrap counters, and a photo-eye are all features that allow the operator to pre-program the machine for optimal pallet wrap containment. Once programmed it is simply a case of pressing “start” to initiate the wrap cycle. These SIAT stretchwrappers improve pallet load holding, reduce stretch film consumption, eliminate the need to hand wrap pallets.

  • Mechanical core brake creates the lay-on-force to stretch wrap the pallets tightly

  • Optional 240% motorised power pre-stretch film carriage reducing stretch film yields

  • New improved safety bumper + brake on drive wheels for added safety.

  • Choice of 10 pre-set programmes

  • Manual or automatic mode

  • Wrapping up to 300 pallets between charges.

  • 2 x 90aH batteries

  • Pallet height detection sensor

  • Adjustable tracer wheel

  • Top, middle and bottom wrap counters

  • Designed and manufactured in the European Union to EC Machinery Directives

  • Conforms to current HSE legislations

  • Optional - photocell for dark pallets, gel batteries, remote control

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