• Power pre-stretch wrapping system can reduce plastic film usage by 60%
  • Pallet wrappers eliminate the strain of hand wrapping and reduce the risk of back injury.
  • Work cost-effectively and release staff for more productive work
  • Increase pallet load holding and . reduce the risk of spills and damage
  • Fully programmable wrapping configuration

Weight: 0 KG

Product Specification
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The EXTEND EXP108 is a semi-automatic pallet stretch wrapping machine. It is very simple to use, with a robust build quality. Variable speed drives, wrap counters, and a photo-eye are all features that allow the operator to pre-program the machine for optimal pallet wrap containment. These SIAT stretch wrappers improve pallet load holding, reduce stretch film consumption and eliminate the need to hand wrap pallets.

  • 250-200% Power Pre-stretch with no-thread loading.

  • 1600mm Turntable with 1600kg capacity.

  • Adjustable turntable speed, film carriage speed and film tension.

  • Turntable soft start and fixed stop.

  • 2000mm Pallet height.

  • Manual or Automatic mode.

  • Single or double spiral wrap programme.

  • Top sheet programme.

  • Top & bottom wrap counters.

  • Audible warning on cycle start.

  • Adjustable photocell for pallet height detection.

  • Automatic film cut at the end of auto cycle.

  • Centrally located E-stop and lockable Isolator.

  • Interlocked door covering pre-stretch rollers.

  • Complies with CE Directives and confirms to H&S requirements.

  • Film reel W 500mm x 250mm OD x 76mm ID

  • Power supply 220/240V, single phase 1.2kw.

  • Machine dimension 1650 x 2458mm