SIAT SK1 Uniform Case Sealing Machine

Best suited to batch sealing of uniform-sized cases.

Simultaneous top and bottom carton flap sealing.

Increased productivity and a consistently professional finish.

Easy-loading upper and lower 50mm wide SIAT tape heads.

Weight: 0 KG

Product Specification
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The SIAT SK1 is a manually fed, pre-set semi automatic case/box sealing machines suitable for sealing/taping a wide range of case/box sizes up to 500 x 500mm. SIAT Case tapers/sealers are quick and easy for any operator to set up and run and are the best selling brand of sealers sold here in the UK. The tapers utilise lower drive belts, to ensure boxes/cases are taped quickly and efficiently. Reliable, low maintenance SIAT K11 top and bottom taping heads are used to apply 50mm wide self-adhesive tape for a perfect taping time after time.

  • Quick removal of upper & lower taping head.
  • Top belt guards.
  • Pinch rollers -  neatly butt top flaps of cartons together.
  • Belt speed 22m/min – to transfer the cases quickly and smoothly
  • Telescopic legs - to match your box sealer to a wide range of working heights
  • Emergency stop and undervoltage protection
  • Designed and manufactured in the European Union to EC Machinery Directives.
  • Optional conveyor – to transfer cases/boxes quickly and efficiently
  • Optional castors – to easily move your case taper between packing rooms.

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