If you have been thinking about ways in which you can improve the packaging element of your production line, then there is one important thing you need to know. All boxes, whatever size, need to have 90-degree corners – this not only helps them to stack better and ship better but also means that they will look amazing when they are stacked on the end customers shelves as well. The only way to really achieve this is to use a case erector machine – but what benefits can such a machine bring to your company?


Increase in Productivity

Yes, you can erect boxed by hand but this could cost you dearly in terms of man-hours and cost, whereas purchasing a case erector machine may be a larger outlay but will save you a lot in the long run. Take, for example, a company who need to erect 2,500 boxes. Erecting a box by hand takes about 20 seconds, which doesn’t sound like a lot but ends up being 7 hours for two people to complete the task. If you pay these people a wage of £8 per hour then the cost for erecting these boxes will by 2x7x8= £112.

A case erector, on the other hand, can erect the same number of boxes in 4 hours with just one person operating it. At the same pay rate as before, the cost for erecting these boxes would be 4×8 = £32. That is a labour cost saving of £80 and a time saving of 10 hours. Just think what you could do with that extra time and money?


Reduce Staff Hours

As you can see from the example above, purchasing a case erector machine will help to reduce staff hours. If you don’t have a machine then you may find that you have to put extra staff in the box making area and this can lead to problems of overcrowding. Having a machine that can do this work for you, not only reduces the number of employees you have working in this area but also frees up some of your employees to do something else and can reduce your overtime costs as well.


Reduces incidents of accidents at work

One of the most common reasons for people not being able to come to work in the UK is repetitive strain injury, which is also known as RSI. Can you imagine what it must be like to spend hour after hour building cardboard boxes? Any employee who has to do this must be a prime candidate for RSI – which can lead to you losing them if they go off sick.

Another injury that can be caused to those who are erecting boxes is paper cuts. Honestly, you may think that this is rubbish, but the edges of cardboard boxes can be really sharp and cause you a large and quite nasty cut if you are not careful! Therefore, using a 3m matic machine can also help to protect your employees and reduce the incidents of accidents at work as well.


Reduces the need for storage space

Let’s say you suddenly get an order for a large shipment, and you task your employees with putting hundreds of boxes together in anticipation of the shipment. When the boxes are made, where are you going to store them until you are ready for them? Even if you have space in your warehouse, you are going to be paying to store empty boxes which seems a little silly. If you are a warehouse manager then you will know all about inventory waste, and storing empty boxes is a prime example of this.

Having a case erector machine installed will save you on pre-erecting boxes as you will be able to make all the boxes necessary for a short time on the day that you need them. This not only saves you money on storage but also frees up space in your warehouse for other products instead.


Reduce Shipping Costs

If you have people erecting your boxes for you, you will probably find that not every box is the same size and shape – and this can lead to weakness when it comes to loading them on the pallet. Perfectly square boxes, such as those that are made by an erector machine, stack more easily and are stronger, which makes them less prone to being damaged during the shipping process. This means that the products you are shipping have more chance of arriving in perfect condition, saving you from having to pay out for damage during transit.


So, while a case erector might seem like a large outlay at first, it can actually save you huge chunks of time and money over the years. For more information on any of our machines, including the case taper machine, please contact our friendly team on 01924 483000 or by email at enquiries@pakprint.co.uk