At PakPrint, we specialise in offering our clients case sealer machines, SIAT wrapping machines, and 3M Matic Case sealing systems, but we fully understand our clients face big decisions for their packaging equipment needs.

For example, you might be struggling with whether you should lease or buy your packaging equipment. For some, leasing seems like a promising option because it seemingly costs less and it offers flexibility. But is that really so? What other factors should you consider before you buy or lease your packaging equipment?

What Do You Need it For?

The first question you have to answer it is for how long and what purpose do you need it for. For example, if you operate a warehouse, you’ll likely need pallet wrappers for your projects on a long-term scale. Depending on the project or the demand of your product, you may want to consider buying the product or it might not be feasible.

Your day-to-day needs will greatly determine the needs of your team and business. Of course, that will also determine what type of product you’ll want to invest in. At PakPrint, we offer the highest quality equipment for packing and wrapping your products for a reliable outcome.

Think about your needs before you decide one way or another.

Think About Your Budget

As with any major purchase, considering your business budget is a good first step. Once you have isolated your budget for the project, you’ll then be able to move forward with finding the right equipment.

Paying outright for equipment might seem like too much for a limited budget, but resale possibilities might reduce your investment or risk.

Clearly, leasing costs you less in the short term, however, if your business requires high-quality output for any amount of time, buying might be better. Your budget might offer more room than you had previously thought. After all, the quality of your packaging is critical for your business reputation.

Technology Expectations

Another important point is that most leasing facilities don’t offer the latest equipment available. This is partly because of the costs to purchase this equipment. If you’re looking to save on your budget, you may have to sacrifice on the quality of your packing equipment.

Wholesale packing wrapping equipment may be slightly costlier, but it gives you a broader range of innovative equipment to choose from. Faster packing, better results, and ease of use is critical to making sure your items are packed as well as possible. Buying innovative tools to get the job done is a great way to secure your items and your reputation in the process.

Test Before You Buy

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to buy a particular machine, then you might want to lease the equipment instead.

Just like with a vehicle or other item, leasing the product out can be a great way of reducing your risks and maintaining the best possible results.

Leasing also allows you to think about what other needs you might have for your business. For example, perhaps you need a faster-moving package wrapper or perhaps a tighter sealing system. Whatever the case, you’ll want to meticulously analyze any equipment you purchase before you make the investment.

Making Your Decision

While we actively supply businesses with the best replacement and spare packing equipment like case sealer machine, SIAT wrapping machine, or 3M Matic case sealing system, we strive to support our clients in their final decision.

Be sure to factor in the flexibility that leasing offers. Some folks require greater flexibility because they might not know where their business is headed in the next few months. On the other hand, investing in equipment could be better for your budget and streamlining your packaging needs.

Whichever route you choose to go, we are here for you. We’ve been serving businesses the best possible spare parts and systems for decades. Leasing doesn’t require you to buy spare parts, but it’s an important option to consider.

While you may not know right now what option is best for your business when you do be sure to do your research on the products available. You will be amazed by the options available. If you have questions about packaging equipment be sure to contact our team. We’ll happily answer your questions and guide you towards the best products.