With a great reputation and heritage in the world of fine quality secondary packaging machines, there’s very little that the expert teams at Yorkshire-based Pakprint Tapes Ltd don’t know about building, sealing and wrapping cases and pallets.

Pallets are perhaps the unsung heroes of manufacturing industries everywhere – flat, wooden workhorses without which factories and logistics would flounder and fail. However, pallets are bulky, and heavy, so moving them is slow and presents huge injury risks: wherever they are used, trapped fingers and feet and damaged backs are rife. So when Robert Tunnacliffe, Pakprint’s MD, heard about an innovative European product which not only makes workplaces tidier, less cluttered and more productive, but, crucially, minimises the risks to employee health and wellbeing, Robert knew he had to find out more. Made by Danish engineers PALOMAT®, the new product range comprises a variety of automated pallet stacking magazines which mean that workers no longer have to lift, move or destack the pallets manually. Instead, pallets are managed swiftly and easily at floor level and at the touch of a button, using an ordinary pallet truck, electric stacker or forklift.

The Pakprint team knew that these machines could add immense value and save time, space, injuries and sickness absence for their clients, and as a result, Pakprint have now been accepted by PALOMAT® as their premier distributor in the UK. Robert Tunnacliffe commented, “For nearly four decades we’ve had a very successful and strong partnership with SIAT, the renowned Italian makers of most of our case sealers, stretch wrappers, strapping tools and other packaging machines. SIAT continue to respect and trust us as their Number One agent in the UK, and refer us constantly to business across the world. We now hope to develop the same positive and enduring partnership with PALOMAT®. We love their products and look forward to helping them to encourage better, safer pallet handling practice in factories, warehouses and storage facilities across the world.”